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Sports Report – Wk5


West Somerset Miniature Rifle League

It was Week 5 of the West Somerset Miniature Rifle League between the Minehead and Williton Rifle Clubs.

Minehead A team travelled to Williton to take on the Williton A team and Williton B team made the opposite journey to take on the Minehead B team. Both matches were very close with only one point between the respective teams.

Minehead A team beat Williton A 385 to 384 with Pippa Sullivan contributing 99 and Mark Parfrey and Elliot Morren 96 each.

For Williton A John Grellier and Erica Jones scored 97 ably supported with a 96 from Andy Phillips.

Minehead A team also won the Handicap competition between the two teams.

It was a close fought match likewise between Minehead B and Williton B with both teams having an off-night shooting below their expected scores.

Williton B team won 363 to 362. For Williton B the junior competitor Brendan Pentland shot an excellent 95 supported by 91 from Steve Wilson.

For Minehead B Andrew Moore scored 93 supported by 92 from John Leslie.

After 5 rounds Williton A team lead the gun-score table with Minehead B team leading the handicap competition.

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