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Conygar Quarry, Dunster


The Club’s purpose is to promote and preserve the sport of target shooting for all.
Whilst guns may have originally been conceived with conflict in mind, throughout history there have been those who strove purely for accuracy, not lethality.
Modern target sports have developed to such a stage that electronic scoring is required as the difference between shots can no longer be measured by the eye, or hand; the modern target shooter strives for accuracy and consistency and must develop both a sense of their outer self in terms of their body position, and also of their inner self, in terms of mastering the mental challenges of remaining focussed, while relaxed and aware of all around them.
Modern target sports cover a multitude of disciplines including events at both the Winter and Summer Olympic Games; the Club’s own late President, Bob Churchill, represented Britain in the 1972 Games, and won Gold at the 1978 Seoul ISSF World Shooting Championships.
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