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Conygar Quarry, Dunster

Airgun (winter)

The club enters teams and individuals in the SSBSA county league competitions.
Individual League – 10m air pistol and 10m air rifle, plus 20 yards in air pistol; individuals shooting in divisions of the County league against other individuals from clubs in Somerset County
Click on the links to see the latest results for members of Minehead club.

For results across the County, see the SSBSA website

Club Rd8
Air Pistol Rd8
Air Rifle Rd8
Lightweight Sport Rifle Rd8
Club Summary Round 8
Air Pistol Round 8
Air Rifle Round 8
Lightweight Sport Rifle Round 8
Air Winter League 2017-18 Club Scores Rd6
Air Winter League 2017-18 Air Pistol Rd6
Air Winter League 2017-18 Air Rifle & Lightweight Sport Rifle Rd6
Winners 2016-17
Club Summary 2016-17
Champions 2016-17
Air Rifle 2016-17
Air Pistol 2016-17