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Conygar Quarry, Dunster

Sports Report – Winter 2023 Week 7

After a forced break due to the Pandemic, the West Somerset Miniature Rifle League has re-commenced between Minehead Target Shooting Club and Williton Shooting Club. The League consists of 12 shoulder-to-shoulder matches over 25 yards for both gun score and highest score above the team declared average. There are also 4 Cup Competitions again shot on both Ranges over 50 metres. Each Club fielding an A team of 4 and a B team of as many as show up to allow maximum participation. Scores are also used for Veteran, Ladies and Junior competitions.

The League started in mid-October and has now reached Round 7. Minehead A Team currently leads both the handicap and gun score competitions, followed by Williton A, Williton B and Minehead B. There have been some exceptional performances to date. For Minehead A, Mark Parfrey scored a maximum 100 on the Williton Range in Week 6 and a 99 in Week 1 on his home Range. Matt Hyder scored a 99 in Week 7 on his home Range. For Williton John Grellier scored 98 on his home Range in Week 1 ably supported by Andy Phillips with 97 who also scored 97 in Week 6. Williton B team has been well supported with up to 9 participants in Week 3 and 8 in Weeks 2 and 7. Notable performances were from Guy Morgan with 97 in Week 6 and a 96 in Week 2, Steve Wilson with a career best of 96 in Week 6 and Graham Scott with a 96 in Week 1. Minehead B has struggled to field more than 3 shooters in 3 of the matches but despite this Andrew Moore with a 97 in Week 1 and 96s in Weeks 2,3 and 6, Neil Paine with 94 in Weeks 3 and 7, John Putt with a 90 in Week 1 and Kevin Sanders with a 90 in Week2 endeavoured to compete.

The first Cup Competition was that for the Clegg Cup shot over 2 legs in Weeks 4 and 5. The Cup competitions are for a single combined team from each Club. The first leg shot at Minehead saw a narrow win for the home team but in the return match at Williton there was a convincing win for the home team with Brian Slade scoring a maximum of 100 and Alan Coomber 97, so the first Cup has gone to Williton A.  The Veterans competition is currently headed by Andrew Moore of Minehead and the Ladies by Pippa Sullivan also of Minehead. As yet there have not yet been any junior shooters taking part who would be competing for the West Somerset Free Press Junior Shield.