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Conygar Quarry, Dunster


Other shooting disciplines include fullbore / centrefire rifles – these are used in hunting for small and large game, and in competition (usually using 7.62mm / .308 ammunition) at distances between 100 yards and 900 yards.  The military are most often involved in fullbore competition shooting.
Shotguns can be used for game shooting but recently have had a lot pf press in the Olympic disciplines of Skeet and Trap shooting, GBR’s own Peter Wilson winning Gold in London 2012 for the Double Trap event.
The Club is not certified for shotgun or fullbore shooting and is unable to offer these disciplines.  If you’re interested in these forms of shooting and can’t find a local club, get in touch and we’ll see if we can help point you in the right direction.
At some time in the future our club may enter lightweight sport rifle events – this type of competition allows for telescopic sights and magazine-fed ammunition. This can be shot at 20 yards with either air rifle or rimfire rifle, but at present is not something we offer.