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Conygar Quarry, Dunster

Getting Started

When first starting to shoot, the club will provide everything you need; for airgun shooters this may be just the rifle/pistol. For smallbore shooters, at first you may start on a rest, and not have to support the rifle. if you are supporting the rifle, you’ll need a glove and a jacket to fit you.  Most clubs (including ours) can provide you with this free of charge while you learn, although once you have completed your probation period you may be expected to hire or buy your own, so check with your club.
Of course you’ll need ammunition – pellets for airgun and bullets for smallbore. These will all be available for purchase at the club; for smallbore shooters who don’t have a license any spare ammunition must remain at the club in the safe and cannot be taken away.
You’ll first learn the basic elements of taking a shot: how to position your body, how to hold and support the rifle or pistol, load it with ammunition, get the right ‘picture’ of the diagram you’re shooting at through the sights, breathe, and how to squeeze the trigger.  At first you’ll concentrate on this alone, and then on trying to shoot a consistent group.
For smallbore shooters, once you can shoot a consistent group you’ll progress to shooting a ’10 card’, which is a card with ten diagrams on it – you shoot one shot at each of the ten diagrams.  It’s surprisingly hard to maintain the correct body position!