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Conygar Quarry, Dunster

Sports Report – WSMRL Week 12

West Somerset Miniature Rifle League

Minehead Rifle Club and Williton Rifle Club have now completed 12 rounds of the 18 round Match. Williton A had a bye and by scoring 383 compared to their average of 382 won both their gun score and handicap legs with John Grellier contributing an excellent 99. Williton B team travelled to the Minehead Range to take on Minehead A team. The latter won out in both gun score and handicap scoring 387 with Bill Smyth contributing 98 and Adam Booker 97. Minehead B and Minehead C teams competed against each other. A solid performance from Minehead C saw them win both gun score and handicap despite Matt Hyder contributing a good 96 for the Minehead B team.

At the end of Round 11 Minehead A and Williton A are joint leaders in the gun score competition, although Minehead A have totalled 27 more points overall. Minehead A, Williton A and Williton B are tied in first place in the Handicap Competition although Minehead A team have out-performed their average by slightly more than the other two teams. Next week sees the first stage of the Carnarvan Cup shot over two legs at a range of 50 metres on the Minehead Range.