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Conygar Quarry, Dunster

Sports Report – WSMRL Week 13

West Somerset Miniature Rifle League

All of the teams from Minehead Rifle Club and Williton Rifle Club came together on the Minehead Range to shoot the first stage of the Carnarvon Cup. This competition is shot over two legs at a range of 50 metres with the top eight scores for each Club from each leg determining the result. Minehead had 15 members competing and the top eight produced a score of 755 between them. Adam Booker with 97 and Mark Parfrey with 96 lead the way for Minehead. Unfortunately Williton only had 7 shooters to compete and they scored 621 with Andy Phillips being their top scorer with 93. The second leg will be shot in a fortnight and it is hoped that Williton will have more people available to produce a more even contest.

At the end of Round 13 Minehead A and Williton A are joint leaders in the gun score competition, although Minehead A have totalled 27 more points overall. Minehead A, Williton A and Williton B are tied in first place in the Handicap Competition although Minehead A team have out-performed their average by slightly more than the other two teams.