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Conygar Quarry, Dunster

Sports Report – WSMRL Week 2

West Somerset Miniature Rifle League

Minehead Rifle Club and Williton Rifle Club have now completed Round 2 of the 18 round West Somerset League, This was the first round where teams shot on each other’s ranges with Williton B team visiting Minehead and Minehead C travelling to Williton.

Scores continue to improve with Minehead A team scoring 388 compared with 387 the previous week and Williton A team scoring 385 compared with 382 in Round 1. Minehead B scored 362 compared with 359 last week and Williton B 365 compared with 372 in Round 1. Minehead C scored 365 the same as the previous week. Overall Minehead A beat Williton B and Williton A beat Minehead C. Minehead B had a bye. So far Minehead and Williton A teams are undefeated.

The following scored 97 or above out of a maximum of 100: Jan Saunders-Singer on behalf of Williton and Mark Parfrey, Adam Booker and Brian Slade from Minehead. Special mention should also go to John Putt of Minehead C who scored 95 whilst shooting on the Williton range.

These Sports Reports are also published in the West Somerset Free Press!